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I keep seeing and hearing about "dirty little secrets" that real estate agents won't tell their clients. Most of them turn out to be pretty stupid points. However, today while going through my morning routine (dead-heading, so my brain needed something to do) I thought of the dirty little secret that FSBO companies don't tell their customers. We all know what it is, but many of us just might have never thought of it this way.

They don't care if you sell your house using their service.

That's it. It doesn't affect their business plan if you sell or don't sell your house through them. They only care if you list your house through them. Their business model is only dependent on you paying $499 (or whatever amount) upfront, and then going on your merry little way. They need as many people as possible to pay the $499 and go on their merry little way as possible.

Sure, they need somebody to actually find a buyer through their service occasionally, but as long as they have enough sales for a few testimonials, they'll be OK. And, they don't care if you sell in 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months. In fact, some of the companies would prefer that you not sell right away, as they'd love to get another $499 out of you to list again.

Let's compare that to a traditional full-service, commission based real estate agent. No sale = no money. That's right, I don't get paid if you don't sell your house. Let me say it again, I don't get paid if you don't sell your house. I talk with you about pricing, we prepare a marketing plan, and we market your house. After we find a buyer, we help you negotiate the sale, and then we make sure that the buyer follows through. We also make sure that you (the seller) don't run afoul of any rules, or mistakenly breach the contract as we move from contract to closing. We are there to protect you, and help you. We are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Where is the FSBO marketing company? They cashed your check, and they are hoping that you don't call, because it takes time away from getting $499 from someone else.