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Bobby LabonteBarely after midnight, and I have already had my best crazy idea of the day...

In almost every form of motorsport, the drivers are festooned with the names of all of their benefactors. As Kurt Busch stands in Victory Lane, chugging a

Coke, wearing a Miller hat, and holding a quart of Mobil1, all of us know that they pay his way. Of course those are the best products on the planet... they pay his check.

When Jimmy Johnson talks up Lowe's, or Jeff Gordon mentions his new energy drink, we know why. There is no question.

But, what I want to know is...

Who spent the big bucks for Hillary Clinton? What about Fred Thompson? John McCain? Barack Obama? Who paid for their last elections, and who is funding them now?

Maybe politicians should get nifty suits like NASCAR drivers. It would be interesting to see who's name shows up where.

Wouldn't that be fun?