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Ok, these are digital tools... All of them are right here. in front of you right now. You probably use a few of them...

1. Ebay. Pretty obvious, right. Regardless of what you are looking to find, there is a good chance it is being sold either new or used on Ebay. Cars, tools, decor… even whole garages and homes (ok, for the homes, give me a call...)

2. Craigslist. A lot of people are using this. If you aren't familiar, it is like the old "nickel ad papers" without the nickels. The ads are free to post and free to surf. Searching can be tough, though. Craigslist is killing newspaper classifieds. And a nifty search tool is crgslst... until it gets shut down. They have a multi-city search tool. But, similar sites have been shut down by Craig before.

3. Hemmings Motor News. HMN has been THE place for everything car since the earth cooled. Seriously. When I was in the restoration business forever ago, I had one of the First Class subscriptions so I could get the book faster. Now, with the internet, everyone can get the ads faster.

4. Your local car clubs. Ok, this isn't strictly a single tool, but a plethora of tools. Regardless of the particular type of vehicles you favor, there are local and regional clubs. Not only are the people that have an incredible depth of technical knowledge... there are always people that may have what you want, and you might have what they want... Trade away.

5. RSS Feeds. Oooo. Did I catch you with that one? Most of these sites, and many of the other sites you might also scour regularly have RSS feeds. By subscribing to the RSS feed, you get new information as it is updated. So, if you have a search set up for 65 Mustang Parts on Ebay or HMN, when an ad that meets those criteria shows up... you get it. Instead of going out to search all of the time, let the search come to you.

Bonus. Google. This is almost a no-brainer. But, it is odd how often I hear people looking for something odd and they haven't Googled it. I mean a "Long-Tail" Google search. If you are looking for Ford GT-40 Heads for sale, Google it. (I got 20,000 hit...)Â There is a fair chance that you got to my blog the first time from a Google search. In fact, the most popular ones involves two of these three words: Cool, Garage, Homes.

Right behind that is Gwinnett County Homes. Still working on getting that one higher in the results.

Thanks for stopping by. When you are ready to find a cool garage home, let me know. I have actually built quite a network of car friendly agents across the country.