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Water, Water, Everywhere

... trashing the house...

AboutWhy Lane Bailey and GarageHomes

There are Real Estate Agents that specialize in retirees, horse lovers and tennis players.  There are some that specialize in beach-front properties, farms and golf courses.  Lane thought why not specialize in unique properties like garage homes lake properties and recreational estates? 

And that was when GarageHomesUSA.com was born.

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Garage Homes


Buying and selling unique homes with and for great people.


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  • Do You Have a Plan?

    As home owners, there are a LOT of things we need to keep up with... or that we want to change.
    Sit down and list out all of the things you'd like to do to your home. Group together the various items to make a plan. Prioritize the groupings. Cost out the various projects.
    Will you buy a new house or do a big remodel?
    There are positives and negatives for both plans of action. We can always talk about the options.
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  • Unusual Homes

    Unusal Homes are a unique specialty. Many agents shy away from individualistic homes...
    For many people, homes are a reflection of who they are and what they enjoy... and most of us have unique and individual enjoyments.
    GarageHomes is about finding those individual homes that meet individual needs.
    For some clients, it is about the garage... 3, 4, 7, 15+ car garages. Others might be looking for a special lake home or a maybe a piece of land that offers recreational opportunity. I find those kinds of properties...
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  • Repairs, Improvements, Upgrades and Resale

    There are a lot of things one can do that "improve" one's home, however many of these items are not really improvements.
    Repairs are corrections to required systems, their intended functionality isn't changing. Upgrades may give a little value bump, but their main value will be that they often speed the sale of the property.
    Taking an old kitchen or bath, and putting in new fixtures would be a great example of updating. Updating is usually considered improvement, and will increase the value, and possibly decrease the time on the market.
    Most buyers want the look of a finely designed yard... and to only have to spend 30 minutes a week keeping it up.
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FSBO Secrets

The Dirty Little Secret they won't tell you...



Agents answer a LOT of questions...
but not all of them


Actual study data from WI


How much money do you really save?